Groundwork is a technology focused geotechnical engineering consulting company.

The company specialises in solving stability problems in mining excavations and engineering structures using a wide range of innovative instrumentation and monitoring technologies.

Its areas of specialisation include underground and surface mining, tailings storage facilities, dams, bridges and other concrete structures such as large buildings.

We specialise in four areas

Stability Monitoring

Stability monitoring and, where possible early warning of failure, using a range of innovative methods.

Numerical Modelling

Modelling the behaviour of mining excavations and engineering structures using ITASCA’s range of 2D and 3D numerical programs.

Stress Determination

Quantifying the state of stress in rock and concrete structures using a variety of stress determination techniques.

Support Evaluation

Designing and evaluating support elements and systems used in the stabilisation of mining excavations and engineering structures.

Proprietary Hardware

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