Stability Monitoring

  • RockWatch range of high definition sensors for geotechnical applications.
  • GeoLink products for creating wireless networks above and below ground.
  • Monitoring probes and inspection equipment for use in boreholes and casings.
  • Designing instrumentation packages for bespoke monitoring projects.

Numerical Modelling

  • FLAC and FLAC3D for advanced geotechnical analysis of soil, rock, groundwater, and ground support applications utilising an explicit finite difference formulation.
  • UDEC and 3DEC for simulating the quasi-static or dynamic response to loading of discontinuous media containing multiple intersecting joint structures defined by a continuum mesh of finite-difference zones.
  • PFC for modelling synthetic materials composed of an assembly of variably-sized rigid particles that interact at contacts to represent both granular and solid materials utilizing a distinct-element modelling (DEM) framework.
  • Software sales, consulting and training.

Stress Determination

  • Overcoring using CSIRO and CCBO methods.
  • Stress change monitoring using both CSIRO and BXCCBO cells.
  • Hydraulic fracturing.
  • Deformation Rate Analysis (DRA).
  • Acoustic Emission (AE).
  • Drilled Core Dimensional Analysis (DCDA) testing on orientated cores.

Support Evaluation

  • Laboratory testing of elongate and tendon support units.
  • Quantification of in-situ support performance.
  • Evaluation of support systems.
  • Auditing of support units and systems.